Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tougher Than Chuck Norris

Peter Isaac Olsen (1856-1938)

My second great-grandfather

me -->Ruth Rasmussen Buchanan --> Arthur Price Rasmussen --> Mary Jane Olsen Rasmussen --> Peter Isaac Olsen

Who's not afraid of Chuck Norris?

That would be my second great-grandfather, Peter Olsen.

This guy wasn't afraid of anyone, including Texas Ranger, Jack Watson.  Jack was tough.  How tough?

When Jack was in Montrose, Colorado he was fined $85 for public drunkenness, an exorbitant fine.  After he was given his belongs, he then went to Main Street in search of the magistrate and found him with a peace officer.  He shot the peace officer in the arm and the magistrate in the side just missing his stomach.  He then said, "“Don’t think I’m tryin’ to kill yuh, I’m just tryin’ to get my money’s worth out of that fine you charged me.”

That's tough.  Chuck Norris tough.

Around this same time the Robbers Roost gang was active.  Never heard of the Robbers Roost gang?  Maybe you know two of its members.  

That's right, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Just so happens the Robbers Roost gang's hideout was not too far from Price, Utah.  Don't know where?  Ask this guy:

He was trapped there once for about 127 hours.

As the Justice of the Peace, Peter was always on alert for anyone from the Robbers Roost gang.  One time Joe Walker from the gang was killed and his belongings were sold at a public auction at Peter Olsen's corral.  I'm not sure if I would have had enough guts to tick off Butch Cassidy like that.

Jack Watson was willing to work on both sides of the law.  He was hired by Doc Shores to come to Price and be an undercover agent to find out who was stealing Doc's cattle.  I can't find out why, but my 2nd great grandfather, Peter, put him in jail for a few days and fined him $25.00.   My guess would be public drunkenness. This angered Jack so much, that he threatened to kill Peter.  You think this scared Peter?  Nope! Well... maybe a little bit. 

Special thanks to my cousin, Elisa Rasmussen Ray, who gave me a copy of Peter Isaac's Olsen's biography.


  1. Jack Watson would be my great grand uncle. Amazing, I know!

    1. Wow! I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity. How fun to have such great stories in your family tree.

  2. Peter Isaac Olsen is my G Grandfathers ( Erastus Olsen )brother I have seen Carbon County documents of the selling of the property and burial expenses of Joe Walker and Johnny Herring ( who they thought was Butch Cassidy )from Peters horse coral the documents have Peters signature on them!

  3. Uncle Jack has a monument in the Price City Cemetery noting his life and death. I believe he stone is in the same area as Joe Walker's stone. We were in Price a few years ago when the stone was dedicated by the Western Outlaw and Lawman Association (was WOLA, now is NOLA, I believe,) and we hope to return this summer to Price, Montrose, Gunnison, and Crested Butte. I don't know why I didn't see your reply before now!You may contact me at if you like, and also see my story on Uncle Jack at , scroll down to the little jumping cowboy and you will see some pictures and my story about him.