Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ruth vs. The Glass House

One night my mom asked me, "Do you want to hear about the most naughty thing I ever did?"

As her daughter, of course I do!  I thought.

"Well it happened when I was around six years old."

The worst thing she did in her life was when she was six?  This has got to be good!

"When my mother didn't have time to make bread she would send me to the store to buy a loaf."

Excuse me while I recover from the shock of finding out that Grandma didn't always make homemade bread.

"My mom would give us 26 cents to buy a loaf of Wonder bread."

We interrupt this story for a word from our sponsor.

"We lived a block and a half from Menotti's grocery store.  I would go down to the corner, cross the street and go to the next corner.  Mr Menotti was very nice to all of us.  He lived next door to his teeny store."

"This time I went with my best friend, Kitty."

Okay, so she either spends the money on some candy for her and Kitty, or steals some candy.

"On our way down we decided to throw rocks over our heads. Like this." (She motions throwing a rock overhanded)

Do not do a google image search 
for "girl throwing rock"
You're welcome.

"To be honest, I think it was her idea."  

"Facing each other?"  I asked.

"Yeah, we would face each other and throw it.  

She was always taller than me.  She was 5'8" by the time she was in sixth grade.  And I threw a rock over her head except it hit her right in the eye.  It really squirted blood.  So what did I do?

I turned around and ran home!

She took off so fast, no time to focus the camera.
I was scared to death that I had did it.  So I ran home."  

"I told my mom what had happened.  I cried and cried.

She said, 'We're going to Kitty's house.'

So we went down there and she had gotten home.  Her mother was helping her. She said, “Do you have something to say to me?'" 

Well, I do.  Kitty, you made up a silly game of throwing rocks with someone much shorter than you.  People who live in glass houses shouldn't ask other people to throw stones at them.

"I told her I was sorry."

She ran home, tattled on herself, felt bad about it, and then apologized?  This is the most naughty thing my mother has ever done?  Remind me not to tell her about MY childhood.

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