Monday, May 19, 2014

The Man from India

Christopher Lister Riding, known as C.L., was living in Burnley, England when he was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Feb. 14, 1840.

Three years later he became the president of the Brunley Branch (a small congregation). 

One day he had a special experience as the Branch President as told by a congregational member Ann McFarlane.

A group of members were waiting for others outside of the building for the meeting to begin.  C.L. was visiting with the members.  Then a man approached the group.  He had dark skin and eyes and was wearing loose white pants with a cummerbund, on his head was a white turban with jewels.

From his manner and appearance they knew that he was a man of importance and that he was from India.

C.L. approached him and held out his hand.  He invited him to join the group.  

But he didn't speak English.

C.L. used gestures to welcome him into the church.  After a song and a prayer, C.L. rose and delivered a sermon explaining the Gospel.  Then he invited the man from East India to speak.  

The man rose and spoke in his native tongue.  No one understood what he was saying.

Then C.L. stood up and translated what the man said which was

"I was going from my hotel to meet a previous appointment when a voice told me to turn from my course and directed me here to this gathering.  This meeting has been a marvelous miracle to me and I have been very impressed with the words of the speaker.  The Gospel plan that he has described is beautiful and easy to understand and I hope to learn more of the people who advocate such a plan."

This post features:

Christopher Lister Riding (1816-1887)

My Third Great Grandfather

me --> Ruth Rasmussen Buchanan --> Alice Houston Rasmussen --> Eliza Adelaide Asay Houston -->  Christiana Dolbel Riding --> Christopher Lister Riding

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